Use your content to create an iPhone app

The App Store allows individual programmers to use a direct-sales system to launch their applications world-wide.

However, this direct-sales system is limited to those who can actually develop programs.
Therefore, content creators such as illustrators, musicians, writers, photographers, etc. with great content but inadequate programming skills could not build an iPhone app in the past.

APPLIYA STUDIO broke this barrier, with an all-new service where the content creator is able to "build" iPhone applications and release them to the global App Store market easily. With a low service cost, fast service and easy steps, APPLIYA STUDIO makes releasing your original content to the world a reality.

Regardless of the type of CAT selected to create your own iPhone app, the production fee costs only 599USD (for paid apps).

APPLIYA STUDIO provides full support from creation of the app to managing sales data.

Reach to iPhone users Worldwide

The iPhone is available in over 80 countries worldwide, and iPhone apps can be downloaded in 77 countries.

Your app- created with APPLIYA STUDIO- can be available for sale or free release through using the App Store.

If you are looking to sell your content, share your ideas with the world, or reach global audiences in new ways, then APPLIYA STUDIO is the service for you!

Create an app with our CAT

CAT (Content Application Template) is a platform created by APPLIYA STUDIO to create iPhone apps.
For more information regarding CATs, please visit the CAT Information page.