He’s a lady
And a gentleman.
But also neither.

His charm is not just about unisex style.
He may be mystique but also a commoner!

Who’s that dude with a bob and beird!?

Since 1996, he works strenuously as a DJ around the Tokyo area.
He is actively involved in Tokyo’s most cutting edge electronic party “FancyM”, as well as various reception parties including “TORTURE GARDEN”, “BIG BEAT TORTURE”, “SEX AND THE CITY”, “WONDERLUST”, “GIVINCHY”, “Chloe”, and “ABSOLUT”.

Furthermore, his performance goes beyond Disk Jockeying! He appears in national live tours of artists such as Ai Otuka and MISIA, as well as various promotional music videos of musicians including Crystal Kay, Chemistry, and Two as One.

From east to west, from minority to celebrity, “Hairy Betty” MONDO’s Charming (?) photo collections is newly released!

Hairy Betty MONDO
Creator : MONDO
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Released : 2009-12-28