"Peace Piece" is a concentration game application related to the anniversary of the end of the battle in Okinawa, Japan on June 23rd.
Enjoy Pieces of Peace and its great tropical island atmosphere. ♪

You can enjoy unique Okinawa characters such as ""GOYA"" (bitter gourd), ""AKABANA"" (hibiscus) and ""UZI"" (sugar cane) illustrated by MIMURI, an artist from Okinawa.
Heal yourself with its cool and peaceful images.

When you complete a stage, you can save adages of Obaa, Okinawa grandma, such as 命どぅ宝 (Life is treasure) and 行逢りば兄弟 (All the people who you meet come to be brothers) as your wallpaper. ♪
Why don't you think about your life and peace with Obaa's adages? You may be able to free yourself from your busy life and spend some time to relax.

Peace Piece
Creator : Mimuri
Site :
Released : 2009-06-22