Highly individual expressions made in-the-moment by various kinds of lovable animals. What sort of tweets could come of these?

If you stare at their expressions for long enough, a message is sure to find its way to you. Words of encouragement, or the animals’ thoughts given voice.

Why not take a look, and enjoy conversations with them in your own heart.

Talk to you.
Talk to you.
Creator : KEIco
Released : 2010-01-12

From here, you can choose the images to be used inside the iPhone application from Flickr.

Choose Photos

 If you would like to choose images from the pool of approved "Creative Commons" images, select "Search".
If you would like to use your own Flickr images, click "MyPhoto" and log in to Flickr.
You can also upload images from your PC by clicking the upload button.

Search Flick for images

If you selected "Search" images, you can search for specific words by entering them and clicking "search".

 After hitting search, images matching the search will appear.

 Clicking on the arrows will allow you to see the next/previous series of images

Choosing your images

If you see an image you like, click on it.
You can enter between 3 and 99 images.

Image uses

Removing images

If there are any images you don't want to use, click on them from the box of selected images at the bottom.

Proceeding to the next step

After selecting all your images, click on "Select Icon"