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Important Notice - Please read before proceeding -

Thank you very much for using the App Builder.

We would first like to apologize for the extended delay and inconvenience towards the users of our service, due to the tightening of Apple's App Store review standards.

The number of apps released on App Store is increasing drastically by the day, currently totaling over 200 thousand apps. With more than several hundred apps being submitted to App Store each day, Apple too was forced to apply stricter measures for review.

On the other hand, we are anticipating further growth in the sales of electronic book apps, which is drastically accelerating with the release of the iPad.

Furthermore, the value of the electronic books lies in its content and not the app's function; booklet apps created through the Image Viewer are considered as separate, individual apps, even though they hold identical functions.

Therefore, APPLIYA STUDIO will be shifting our services to publishing e-books with our Image Viewer, and expanding further services and development based on such premises.

We are in the midst of preparing model cases of apps released after the tightening of review standards, in order to provide users with visual information on what apps will be of future demands.

Calendar, Clock, Puzzle and Pictter CATs are still available from APPLIYA STUDIO's paid apps submission forum. Please contact us through the forum for the use of these services.

Also, please be reminded that the review from App Store is extremely tight regarding the Calendar, Clock and Puzzle. Therefore, we are asking all clients interested in such CATs to apply through a separate, designated forum.

APPLIYA STUDIO's principle is to provide an all-new platform for non-programming creators and developers to publish their works. We are indeed going through many difficulties; however, we want to work together as a team, with all creators, to offer a medium to deliver a variety of great works to the world.

Thank you for your understanding, we are hoping for your help and support.


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What is APPLIYA?

APPLIYA is a subsidiary of Softbank Corp., the telecommunication company exclusively in charge of iPhone sales in Japan.
We support the new generation of creatives and contribute to the expansion of iPhone applications by providing an easy-access service for iPhone application development.
Building your own iPhone apps is a new way to sell your original contents! Read Article
Appliya Company information (list of main business clients) available here

How is it possible for Appliya to make your iPhone app for FREE?!

We are able to provide the No Service Charge Plan for the following 3 reasons:

1. Reduced development costs through use of our smart and highly automated framework. This will magically create your app from whatever you produce with our Appbuilder.
2: Through charging advertisers such as AdMob(Google) instead of the the app Producer.
3: Paying out a reduced royalty to the app Producer of 10% compared to 40% in the Basic Plan.

Technically you could even say that we are PAYING app Producers to make quality apps that sell well! Please try it for yourself - it's really free!

Some of our achievements

  • Evangelion App. Series
  • Alfons Mucha Series
  • Ukiyo-e App Series
  • m-flo 10th anniversary celebration App
  • Creative Commons App
  • Loftwork App
  • Fullmetal Alchemist App
  • Ghost Camera App
  • Bow Cam, Meow Cam, Baby Cam, etc
Other achievements are available from the link below
Applications developed through APPLIYA INC. available here
Applications created through APPLIYA STUDIO available here