The benefits of making an iPhone APP

Appliya Studio is a new way to reach a growing worldwide mobile audience!

It took a hundred years for landline phones to spread across the world. Wireless phones have accomplished the same feat in just 16 years. The wristwatch – once the most common piece of personal technology – has now become a rare sight because so many people use their mobile phones to tell time instead.

At the forefront of this unprecedented technology shift is Apple Inc. Thirty years ago, Apple changed the way the world used personal computers, and now they"re changing the way we use our phones and listen to music. In just two years, the iPhone and iPod Touch have become the world"s premiere mobile devices. Part of what makes these devices compelling is their infinite expandability through applications. Users of these devices have already downloaded over 1.5 billion applications. And do you know what the best part is?

You can get a piece of the action.

With our APPLIYA STUDIO service, you can create fun, captivating applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch for as little as $599, and there"s no programming required on your part. Just choose one of our pre-built Content Application Templates (CATs) and we"ll customize it for your needs. If you have content – whether its music, art, stories, poetry, or photographs – we can help you make it available on the world"s hottest mobile devices.

Use of Smart Phones has Only Begun

The Web is no longer the place where pioneers innovate

The desktop Web was once the proving ground for new technologies and exciting ways to get new information. But now, the mobile platform is taking over. All of today"s exciting new technologies – from augmented reality to real-time mapping to innovative casual games – are moving to mobile.

The iPhone/iTouch market is expanding rapidly

There are about 26.4 million iPhone users across the world, and an estimated 18.6 million iPod Touch users.
iPhone users download an average of 10 new apps a month, and iPod Touch users download an average of 18 new apps a month.

Apple"s 3GS iPhone model sold more than one million units in its first weekend.

Developing apps from scratch is expensive

Hiring programmers (or trying to learn how to program) is an expensive, difficult, and time-consuming task. We"ve already done the hard work for you! You don"t need any technical knowledge – just sign up, send us your content, and we"ll handle the rest.

1.5 billion downloads in 1 year

The iTunes App Store now averages more than 200 million downloads per month!

From here, you can choose the images to be used inside the iPhone application from Flickr.

Choose Photos

 If you would like to choose images from the pool of approved "Creative Commons" images, select "Search".
If you would like to use your own Flickr images, click "MyPhoto" and log in to Flickr.
You can also upload images from your PC by clicking the upload button.

Search Flick for images

If you selected "Search" images, you can search for specific words by entering them and clicking "search".

 After hitting search, images matching the search will appear.

 Clicking on the arrows will allow you to see the next/previous series of images

Choosing your images

If you see an image you like, click on it.
You can enter between 3 and 99 images.

Image uses

Removing images

If there are any images you don't want to use, click on them from the box of selected images at the bottom.

Proceeding to the next step

After selecting all your images, click on "Select Icon"